• CINCINNATI. Nov. 21,  2011. The  HealthCare Connection’s Dental Center has been honored by the DentaQuest  Institute and the National Network for Oral Health Access as a “Center of  Excellence that has displayed leadership in oral health practice management and  has improved the oral health status of its patients.” The award was presented  at the National Primary Oral Health Conference in October.

    “This recognition shows  that we are making a difference for our patients,” says Lynda Roberts-Riddle,  D.D.S., director of The HealthCare Connection’s Dental Center. “Instead of  putting out fires, we are creating treatment plans, educating our patients and  monitoring their progress while at the same time being fiscally responsible.”  She also stresses the importance of integrating physical and oral health.

    “Sometimes people forget  how important oral health is as a component of medical health. Our focus is  providing a patient centered health home, which encompasses both medical and dental  health” says Dolores Lindsay, CEO of The HealthCare Connection. “We’re very  proud of the work that Dr. Riddle and her team have done to improve the oral  health of our patients.”

    According to the Ohio  Department of Health, oral care is the top unmet health care need for children  and low-income adults in Ohio. Twenty-three percent of children in third grade  and 28 percent of 3-5 year old Head Start children have untreated cavities.  Almost half of low-income adults have had at least one tooth removed due to  tooth decay or gum disease. “Oral health is essential to the general health and  well-being of our patients and plays a critical role in their self-esteem and  ability to succeed in work and school,” says Dr. Riddle.