Finding Hope Amidst Despair

In 2009, Rochelle Shields found herself facing what many Americans were experiencing– being laid off. It was a struggle to obtain employment and find affordable medical care. She could not believe that after 20 years as a patient (in her practice), her doctor would not provide services without insurance or cash and could not offer any payment plans.

Through a referral from a friend, Shields heard great things about the Mt. Healthy Family Practice. She decided to make an appointment, and during her first visit to the center she was impressed with how friendly and kind the staff was. “I was surprised by the wide array of services that the center provided as well as their commitments to not only help me become healthy but also helping me to stay healthy”, says Shields. She has lived in Mt. Healthy for years and didn’t realize that THCC’s Mt. Healthy Family Practice was in her neighborhood, right around the corner from her house.

Shields connected with Linda Fox, Resource Advocate, who helped her obtain medical insurance and provided referrals to other services she needed. “I was so grateful for the help, medical services, and referrals that The HealthCare Connection provided to me that I vowed once employment was secured, and if my insurance was accepted, I would remain a patient”, says Shields.

Shields wanted to support the organization that has helped her so much, so in 2011, she applied and was accepted as a Board Member. She has had the opportunity to travel alongside Dolores Lindsay, CEO, promoting and advocating for THCC. In early 2016, she accepted the position of Board Chairman and has continued her commitment to serve and provide leadership to the Board. It is the responsibility of our Board Members to support the medical and administrative staff that provides services at all our locations.

More than just a health center

The need for medical insurance is the reality that many people face. Vicki Thomas, a new patient at the Lincoln Heights Health Center, recently moved following her husband and his family back to her hometown in Cincinnati. Thomas found herself in need of medical insurance upon her retirement.  After searching for a medical home she came across The HealthCare Connection.

As she walked into the Lincoln Heights Health Center for the first time, she was approached with a warm smile and friendly greeting from the patient service specialist. As she got registered, she needed to be seen by a Resource Advocate to determine payments and insurance. When she was seen by Renee Perry, Resource Advocate, she felt extremely comfortable and immediately knew she was in the right hands and in the right place. Perry has worked at the Lincoln Heights Health Center for almost 20 years and has helped hundreds of families get the services they need. “The excellent level of care, support, warmth, and diversity was a major factor in how family oriented the staff made me feel versus other providers in the past”, says Thomas.

Being back in her hometown, Thomas wanted to give back to her community. When speaking to a staff member during her visit she shared her desire to join THCC’s Board and was referred to Barbara Bailey, COO and met with Dolores Lindsay, CEO. In September of 2016, Thomas was offered a Board of Trustees position and the rest is history.

Thomas says, “When I think about THCC, excellence and diversity come to mind regarding my healthcare. The level of integrity and accountability is topnotch and their respect shines through in the quality of care given to me”.

THCC staff is like family to us

Kenya Flowers-Brown and her six children have been long-time patients at The HealthCare Connection’s Mt. Healthy Family Practice (MHFP) on Hamilton Avenue. In fact, one of THCC’s obstetricians delivered all of her babies! When contacted by MHFP Resource Advocate, Linda Fox, about sharing their story, this warm-hearted family was eager to do so. Over the past 20 plus years, the family has built great relationships with the staff.

What the Flowers-Brown family loves most about THCC is the friendly, accommodating staff and the convenient location.  At one point, Brown and her family moved out of the Mt. Healthy area and continued going to MHFP. Kenya states, “I would never change my providers from MHFP!”

One particular reason why THCC has been their first choice for health care is because of Kenya’s son, Dehvin. Dehvin is a bright and energetic kid with special needs. He is comfortable going to MHFP and feels like the staff is part of his family. Most importantly, he says they treat him with respect.  In fact, MHFP is his favorite place to go! The clinical staff at MHFP goes above and beyond to ensure that Dehvin receives the proper care he needs. His provider, Elena Roach, Nurse Practitioner, continuously provides educational materials about Down syndrome to help him work towards a healthy lifestyle.  She also referred him to a speech therapist to help him with his speech and communication skills.

At THCC we have a burning commitment to serve the health needs of all our patients and to provide services that meet or exceed their expectations. Linda Fox has a close relationship with the family, and has also helped Kenya, over the years, apply for and obtain health care coverage for her children to ensure they have a consistent medical home at THCC and receive the quality care they deserve.

“Kenya is a loving mother, daughter, and devoted family person. She loves life and it shines through in her children”, says Fox. It’s a pleasure to be able to help families like Kenya and her children, as well as the more than 18,000 patients we served in 2016. At THCC we believe everyone deserves quality healthcare.

A lasting impression

Back in the winter of 1987, as an 18 year old starting out and living on her own, Jean Musick, had no health insurance and was in need of affordable healthcare.  A counselor from Princeton High School was kind enough to refer her to the Lincoln Heights Health Center so she decided to make her first medical appointment.  A smiling face greeted Musick when she walked in and was escorted up a hallway and introduced to Dr. Caesar Bassette.  “He was very professional, approachable and used just enough gentle humor to make you feel comfortable” says Musick.  Thanks to The HealthCare Connection – Lincoln Heights Health Center, she received the care that she needed at an affordable cost.  Dr. Caesar Bassette and the staff left a lasting impression on Musick.

Fast forward to 2016, Musick became unemployed and sought the assistance of a hiring agency eager to fill a fitting role at a healthcare center.  “I believe I was the first person on the phone talking to that friendly voice requesting that I come and meet with her and soon after, I interviewed with the client.  To my surprise, it was none other than, ‘The HealthCare Connection’ who I had been a patient of 30 years earlier” said Musick. She followed the directions of her GPS to Steffen Avenue with the anticipation of being able to see the old Lincoln Height Health Center once again.  As she entered through the door she was again greeted by a wonderful group of staff members, only this time, the Lincoln Heights Health Center was now a beautiful new modern facility, still being directed by one of the longest running CEO’s in the country.  “I later found out that they now have 8 locations throughout the Hamilton County, one of which is on the Princeton High School and Middle School campus, insuring that students have healthcare within reach”.

At THCC, it is important for us to leave a positive lasting impression to everyone who walks through our doors.