Our Mission

To provide quality, culturally sensitive, and accessible primary health care services focusing on the medically underserved, underinsured, and uninsured residing in northern Hamilton County and surrounding areas.

Our Vision

We will be a leader in providing and managing affordable and quality health care services to
meet the needs of a diverse patient population in a compassionate, collaborative, culturally
competent, creative, and cost effective manner.

Our Values


We have a burning commitment to serve the health needs of all our patients, regardless of their ability to pay, and to provide services that meet or exceed their expectations.


We strive to treat patients, employees, and colleagues as we would want to be treated.


We will consistently be honest and fair in communications and interactions with our patients, employees, colleagues and partnering organizations.


We fully accept responsibility for managing the human and financial resources of The HealthCare Connection for our patients’ benefit, and value the opportunity to be of service beyond our organization through community outreach.


We are willing to learn, try new approaches to do things better, and anticipate the needs and expectations of our patients, employees, colleagues and the community; and recognize this is only possible through free exchange of diverse ideas and teamwork.


We are committed to employ a team of employees whose diversity mirrors the population we serve.


We expect excellence in performance and adherence to professional and organizational standards, and we develop processes and programs to measure and continually improve quality in everything that we do.