Melissa H. has trusted the health care providers at THCC’s Mt. Healthy Family Practice for decades. “The doctors have always provided exceptional care,” she says. It is this exceptional care that she credits to her youngest daughter being alive today. When Melissa’s daughter was 9 years old, she took her to THCC’s Mt. Healthy location for symptoms similar to mononucleosis. Her doctor initially leaned towards thyroid problems, but then carefully listened to additional details she was giving and questions she was asking. Upon hearing this information, Melissa took her daughter to the lab, where they found within minutes of drawing her blood that she was in danger of going into a diabetic coma. They rushed her to Cincinnati Children’s Hopsital Medical Center where doctors awaited her arrival. Thankfully, they were able to get her blood sugar levels under control in time. If her daughter had gone undiagnosed, she could have died within a week. Melissa credits the THCC doctor with saving her daughter’s life. “You don’t get many doctors like that in your lifetime…I will never forget it.” We are happy to hear that Melissa and her family are happy and healthy, and THCC will work to make sure it stays that way for years to come.


Melissa consulting with Linda Fox, Resource Advocate, at Mt. Healthy Family Practice


Luz Zepeda goes to Forest Park Health Center specifically for the good health care they provide for her four children. “Everyone here is very nice, and I love the way they treat the children,” she says. Zepeda also appreciates the easily available Spanish interpreters at the health center; Zepeda’s family came to the United States from Mexico in 1993, and has thus found THCC’s willingness and readiness to accomodate language barriers a great convenience. For instance, Zepeda’s son, 6-year-old Israel, was referred to a pediatrician by his teacher who saw him struggling to stay focused and having difficulty grasping what was being taught in class. Zepeda took Israel to Forest Park Health Center, where she communicated with a medical assistant/Spanish interpreter, Sandra Morillo, about taking (and subsequently refilling) the medication he needed. Since taking his medication, Israel has seen a noticeable improvement in his school performance. “[The medication] helps me learn stuff and do my work,” says a proud Israel. “My teacher gets surprised and happy that I can do it!” And his mother agrees. “He’s doing so much better in school…now he’s learning a lot,” Zepeda says. THCC believes quality health services are critical to succeed in school.


Israel Zepeda visiting Forest Park Health Center for a medication refill


Victor Miguel-Ramos recently turned 18 years old, but assuming the role of ‘adult’ is nothing new. Victor and his family moved to the US from Guatemala when he was 3, and as soon as he entered school and learned English, he became the sole interpreter for his family as they struggled to make ends meet. After his father abandoned the family when he was just in the sixth grade, his role expanded to man of the house. On top of all this, Victor has a heart condition that needs regular medical attention, so he would regularly visit the Lincoln Heights Health Center for medical treatment. Now enter Susan Wyder – Wyder was Victor’s fourth grade teacher, and after hearing about Victor’s situation, she didn’t hesitate to help. Over time, Wyder became Victor’s medical power of attorney, overseeing his health care needs. When THCC opened the Viking School Based Health Center in 2013 when Victor was in high school, Victor’s health and school success improved. “It has had such a positive impact not only on Victor’s health, but on his alertness and achievement in school,” says Wyder. Fast forward to 2016; Wyder now presides on the Princeton City School Board, and was able to watch Victor receive his diploma. It’s been a long journey for Victor, but because of help from people like Susan Wyder. Princeton City School District, and the health care services at the VSBHC and at the Lincoln Heights Health Center, his future looks bright.

VMRVictor and Susan